At Coley Herefords, we want our cows to have their first calf by their second birthday and maintain a 365 day or less calving interval. They need to calve unassisted and give plenty of milk from a problem-free udder while maintaining themselves on fescue pasture/hay. We expect a high percentage to conceive from A.I. The cows that calve by late October are synchronized for one AI service then put with a bull. Our replacement heifers are selected to have good structure along with as much growth, and carcass traits as we can get while trying to keep mature cow size from getting too large. It is essential that all of our cattle have a calm disposition and be easy to work with.

We maintain a fall calving season because the bulls born in the fall are ready to be turned out in the spring when most of our customers are wanting to breed their cows.

HH Miss Advance 0167X  Donor dam

HH Miss Advance 0167X

Donor dam